Feed The Birds

Feed The Birds

The best Australian grown seeds and grains.

Our bird seed mixes provide the seed component of a balanced avian diet. In the wild birds eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, nectar, grains, roots & tubers, nuts, grubs, animal matter such as insects and carrion, grit and even clay. 

A pure seed diet will be relatively high in fat and low in nutrients particularly Vitamin A and calcium.  Seed is a vital part of a balanced avian diet but should not be the only part.  Although ‘complete’ diets such as pellets or fortified seed diets claim to provide a balanced diet they give bird-keepers a false sense of security and do not replicate natural conditions or nutritional inputs. 

Also, while little is known about how the mind of a bird works, bird-fanciers will agree they are intelligent creatures and a monotonous pellet or seed diet will bore them.  A varied diet provides mental stimulation for caged and aviary birds.

Feeding Wild Birds is an activity enjoyed by many Australians. While it is great to have a connection with local wildlife, feeding wild birds and animals comes with responsibilities as it has an ecological impact.