Pet One Bedding Mattress Summer Brown

$73.00 AUD
Colour: Brown

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Pet One’s Summer Bedding range will provide a combination of style, comfort and durability for your furry friend. We are confident our summer bedding range will become your dog or cats new favourite spot to sleep while blending into any home.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium linen inspired fabric
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Mattress bedding have a removable cover that is machine washable
  • Cat Cubby converts two-ways, doubling as a bed and cubby
  • Cat Cubbies have reversible cushion for added comfort
  • Black non-woven fabric base
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable

Available in 2 different sizes:

  • 47341 - Bedding Mattress Linen 70x50x8cm Stone
  • 47342 - Bedding Mattress Linen 100x75x8cm Stone