White Oil Insecticide 500ml

$22.60 AUD


  • Can also be used on indoors plants & daphne
  • Child resistant cap
  • Easy to use measure pack

For control of scales, aphids, mealybugs, mites and citrus leafminer on citrus, other fruit trees, roses and ornamentals.

Directions for use

Dilute as per instructions, depending on plant type. Thoroughly cover upper and lower surfaces of foliage.

How to prepare

  1. Remove measure cylinder from side, then child proof cap from top of bottle.
  2. Pour 20mL volumes into measure cylinder and mix with required amount of water. Repeat as required.
  3. Rinse out measure before placing back onto bottle. DO NOT combine with carbaryl, lime sulphur or other sulphur-containing sprays. Note: Spray must thoroughly cover upper and lower leaf surfaces. Dead scale may remain on the plant for a few weeks after spraying.


  • DO NOT spray when temperatures are near 35°C, or above.
  • DO NOT pick edible crops for 1 day after spraying.
  • Certain plants and plant varieties are sensitive to oil sprays. Test on a small sample first if in doubt.
  • Avoid spraying citrus in late autumn or winter.