Valueplus RoseHip Granules 500g

$18.00 AUD
Size: 500g

The rosehip is the edible and highly nutritious fruit of the rose plant . The rosehips from Rosa canina are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C. Rosehips contain vitamins E, D and A along with anti-oxidants that support the immune system.


NUTRIENT TABLE NUTRIENT AVG QUANTITY per 100g Energy 937 kj Protein, total 9.02 g -Gluten Fat, total 1.54 g -saturated 0 .8 g -polyunsaturated -monounsaturated Cholesterol Carbohydrates 53.98 g -sugars 53.98 g Dietary fibre, total 16.46 g Sodium 1900 mg Potassium

PHYSICAL/ CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: a) Colour: Reddish brown b)Flavour: Fruity, sweetish and sour in flavour c) Ash: 7.00% d) Moisture: 12% STORAGE:

Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight

NB: Crooked Lane Harvest products are supplied as a raw material only. Please refer to your nutrition/veterinary health specialist for advice specific to your needs.