United Pets Pappy Bowl Powder Blue

$38.00 AUD
Size: Large

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Most dogs aren’t particularly picky about the way they eat. The only feature they care about when it comes to their dog bowl is the fact that it has food in it.

We humans are different. We can fully appreciate the Italian designer style of United Pets’ Pappy Bowl. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe for total convenience - plus the cutout shape on the front acts as a handle, so picking up your dog’s bowl is really easy. Which means feeding time is quicker and more fuss-free than ever. Now there’s a feature your dog will be able to appreciate…
  • Made in Italy from 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Designed by Giulio Iacchetti and Ilaria Gibertini
  • Suitable for food or water
  • Non-slip base makes sure your dog’s bowl remains in place while they eat
  • The cutout shape on the front of the Pappy bowl acts as a handle, so you can pick up your dog’s bowl easily
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe