Tubtrugs Dripfeed Ball

$10.00 AUD

Product Details

  • 0.5kg, Diameter: 25cm
  • Certified food grade safe
  • UV proof, frost proof and fade resistant

More Information

The latest addition to the Tubtrugs family is the Dripfeed. It is a horse treat ball that is designed to help improve the general well being of your horses.

Tubtrugs has long been a loved and trusted brand for horse lovers worldwide. So it is only fitting that they have been the inspiration behind the Tubtrugs Dripfeed.

The way it works is so simple... You just fill the feed ball with treats. Your horse will then kick the ball around the field, and the treats inside will slowly be “drip fed” to your horse.


  • Stimulates natural grazing
  • Can aid in relieving anxiety and stress in your horse
  • Increases feeding duration to promote good horse digestion
  • Reduces horse boredom
  • Made from high quality, food grade material
  • Helps your horse to flex and stretch downwards which may improve tone & flexibility

Treat you horse. Grab a Dripfeed ball.