SavourLife Grain Free Puppy Lamb 2.5kg

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The first months of a puppy’s life are crucial to their long-term health and well-being.  Puppies require more nutrients and energy than older dogs to help them grow into the best dog they can be.  With all the healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure your puppy’s development;

SavourLife’s HealthSource Superfood for Puppies with Australian Lamb is an all-natural, holistic, Australian-made, grain-free, gluten-free food with natural superfood inclusions.  We’ve added the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, natural prebiotics and amino acids and it contains absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  It’s made with premium Australian Lamb, the perfect meat for puppies’ sensitive tummies, making it the perfect food for your puppy!

Our HealthSource Superfood features: 

  • It’s an all-natural and holistically balanced food.
  • SavourLife’s HealthSource Superfoods ecosystem (displayed on the back of pack) allows you to see how each ingredient benefits your dog.
  • We’ve added fish oil in every pack for a natural boost of Omega 3&6.  Fish oil is one of very few oils scientifically proven to have health benefits for dogs; improving their skin and coat, cardiovascular health, decreasing inflammation in joints and helping cognitive functions.
  • We only use single-source, Australian meat proteins, not a mix of cheaper meats.
  • We’ve added glucosamine for healthy joints.
  • It’s grain-free, gluten-free and hypo-allergenic.
  • There are no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • Our dense nutrient profile and high meat content may mean you need to feed their dog less than your current food, saving you money; while providing your dog the absolute best nutrition available. Our food exceeds the guidelines set by AAFCO, the world’s leading authority on pet food nutrition.

Lamb Meal, Peas, Tapioca, Potato, Poultry Oil, Natural Flavouring, Beet Pulp, Fish Oil, Linseed, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids, Tomato Pomace, Sweet Potato, Yucca, Kelp, Carrot, Broccoli, Blueberries, Chicory Root, Glucosamine, Salt, Natural Antioxidants (Mixed Tocopherols), Green Tea, Rosemary extracts

Following AAFCO guidelines SavourLife uses the more stringent Guaranteed Analysis method displayed below (other methods sometimes used are typical analysis and other analysis methods). When comparing foods, make sure your current food displays the guaranteed method, so your guaranteed on getting the nutrition your best friends deserves:  

Crude Protein (min.)


Crude Fat (min.)


Crude Fibre (max.)


Moisture (max.)


Calcium (min.)


Phosphorus (min.)




Metabolizable Energy

3800 Kcal/kg

*AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) is the world leading, independent reference on pet food nutrition standards.


Essential Vitamins

Essential Minerals

Vitamin A


Vitamin D3


Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Vitamin K


Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B12


Folic Acid Vitamin B9

Amino Acids

Niacin Vitamin B3


Biotin Vitamin B7

Omega 3&6*

Pantothenic  Acid Vitamin B5

(*Essential Fatty Acids)



Feeding Guide

Dog Age              0-4 months         4-12 months

Dog weight         Grams/Day         Grams/Day

1 to 5kg                50-130g                45-90g

5 to 10kg              130-210g              90-140g

10 to 20kg            210-365g              140-245g

20 to 35kg            365-585g              245-460g