Red Tail Black Shark 5cm

$8.00 AUD

Most Sharks and Loaches originate from South East Asia and are suited to tropical planted aquariums. Sharks are popular due to their ability to adapt to a range of differently stocked aquaria and Loaches for their character and interesting behaviours. Loaches prefer to be kept in schools of 5 or more and some Loaches can also be used for pest snail control.

  • Grows to: 7cm-30cm
  • Diet: Omnivores - Tropical pellets/flakes
  • Temperature: 22-28°C
  • pH: 6.0-7.5
  • Temperament: Peaceful to Semi-Aggressive
  • Compatibility: Keep with similar sized fish, such as Dwarf Cichlids, Mollies, Rainbowfish, Catfish or Large Tetras such as Congo or Emperor Tetras.