Poultry Gravity Feeder 5.5kg

$18.00 AUD

Pet One Bird and Poultry Gravity Feeder 5.5kg

Size:  30.5cm Dia x 28.5cm H

The Pet One Poultry Feeding and Drinking range is designed for groups of Poultry to eat and drink together without wasting food and water.

The Poultry Feeding and Drinking range is available in various sizes to suit your pet’s needs.

Suitable for:  Birds and Poultry

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Anti-flick fins prevents food wastage
  • Anti-perch lid acts as a cover to prevent food storage from becoming wet or stale
  • Comes in three components of base, tube and lid
  • UV treated plastic
  • Available in a range of sizes