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Pet Carrier 1 48.35L X 31.76W X 30.3cm H

Pet Carrier 1 48.35L X 31.76W X 30.3cm H

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Need a multi-purpose pet carrier and portable kennel? Pet One portable carriers/kennels are easily assembled and make a highly versatile carrier for transporting your pet on vacations, vet visits, car trips, grooming appointments, pet shows and more! 

Pet One Carriers are durable and made from tough plastic, featuring a secure spring door latch with heavy duty kennel fasteners. The carrier also includes a removable plastic floor mat that allows urine to be drained away from your pet.

Available in 4 Different Sizes:

  • 47010 - Pet Carrier #1 48.35L X 31.76W X 30.3cm H
  • 47011 - Pet Carrier #2 56.4L X 36.8 W X 35.2cm H
  • 47012 - Pet Carrier #3 66L X 47W X 45.8cm H
  • 47014 - Pet Carrier #5 90.70L X 63.55W X 68.6cm H