Olssons Lambli + 10% Glycerol 15kgs

$35.00 AUD
Size: 15kg

Late pregnant sheep on poor quality dry feed are deficient in glucose precursors, and feed intake is reduced. The drain of glucose to the developing lamb reduces availability of glucose to the ewe and results in pregnancy toxaemia (twin lamb disease). Olsson’s Lambli is a high energy block that supplies glucose to the ewe, assisting in prevention of pregnancy toxaemia.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Feeding Instructions: Use in accordance with the Olsson Indicator system. For best results feed on an ad-lib basis year round in conjunction with Peak 50 to maximise production from ewe. Pregnant ewes: 4-6 weeks prior to lambing. Intake is recommendation only. Higher intakes are normally the result of mineral deficiencies. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Storage Instructions: Store out of direct sunlight and under cover. Edible carton and packaging.