Frontline Plus Med 3Pk

$50.00 AUD
Size: 10 to 20kg medium dog

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For the treatment and prevention fleas and control of ticks on dogs. In a convenient pack of 3 pipettes, Frontline Plus is great for dogs who refuse to ingest tablets. 

What makes it so good? 
  • Frontline breaks the flea cycle at all four life stages. 
  • Waterfast, this treatment won't be affected by bathing or exposure to water after application
  • Controls Brown Dog ticks when applied on a monthly basis
  • Controls Paralysis ticks when applied fortnightly.
  • Can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age
  • Safe to use on pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs.
  • Treats and controls dermatitis related to flea allergies. 
  • Controls biting lice

Is it easy to use?
Frontline Plus is simple to use - simply break the tip of the seal, part a section of your dog's fur around their shoulderblades and apply the serum here. 

As always for total control be sure to clean beds, toys and other items your dog would make contact with after using Frontline Plus.

Suitable for:
This pack of Frontline Blue is for medium dogs weighing between 10-20kg