Flexi Classic Tape

$51.00 AUD
Flexi Retractable Classic Tape Lead For Small Dogs is a Easy and Convenient Way to Happily Walk Your Dog
  • Allows your dog to enjoy a sense of freedom of exploration, while you remain in control of your dog!
  • Retractable tape belt dog leash
  • Suitable for dogs up to 15kg
  • High quality and made in Germany
  • Attaches to the collar or harness D ring
  • Attaches with a large chromed snap hook metal swivel clip
  • Easy leash attachment and detachment
  • Lightweight, ergonomic hand grip for comfortable one-handed operation
  • Easy lock and release
  • Easily stop, extend or retract the lead for precision control.
  • The tape is of high strength and made from durable material
  • Can be customised with Multi Box System to put your doggy bags, pet treats or personal items in
  • Stylish, fashionable and durable plastic case
  • Exterior case design has a stylish black matte finish
  • The tape is black nylon belt leash

    Safety Notes

    • Read enclosed manual before use
    • Supervised use only
    • Not suitable as tether or tie out
    • Do not use this lead with a disobedient or uncontrollable dog.
    • Avoid using this lead near small children, including children in strollers.
    • Only use this lead with a dog that does not exceed the weight limit listed.
    • Read enclosed manual before use.

    Flexi leads never slacken, as the lead is always subject to sufficient tension and as the animal walks closer, the lead retracts into the handle. With the help of the integrated braking system, the dog is always under control and the length can be adjusted and locked in place if required with the locking button.