Feedomatic Treadle Feeder 8kg

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Size: 8kg

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This automatic feeder for poultry only releases the feed when the animal stands on the step plate.

With the Feedomatic automatic feeder, the feed is only accessible to the poultry when it is on the step flap. Rats, mice and birds cannot contaminate the food. The Feedomatic automatic feeder protects the poultry from dangerous diseases. The automatic feeder is stable, easy to clean and splash-proof. Available with a capacity of 5, 8 or 12 kg, so you always have an adequate solution. The Feedomatic proves to be the perfect solution worldwide for animal lovers who only want to feed their animals. The automatic feeder is proven effective, hygienic, strong, precisely adjustable, has a long service life and also looks great.

Overview of Feedomatic 8 kg:

  • Minimizes feed waste
  • Adjustable weight for the opening of the step flap
  • Individually adjustable from 250g to 2kg
  • Particularly durable
  • Noise reduction through plastic materials
  • Easy to fill from above
  • Robust plastic pedal

Advantages of the Feedomatic Automatic Feeder

  • Dry feed at all times thanks to its (spray) water-resistant construction
  • No mold growth, thanks to the plastic and the rounded corners
  • No waste of feed, thanks to the special shape and height adjustment of the automatic feeder
  • Prevents direct contact with vermin because it cannot get into the automatic feeder
  • Colourfast, thanks to the UV-resistant plastic
  • Reduction of the risk of transport damage through extra strong packaging material