Pet One Sheepskin Cushion Dog Bed Rectangular Blue

$26.00 AUD
Colour: Blue

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Let your pets relax in comfort with the Pet One Sheepskin Bedding Cushion!

Pet One Beds are easy to clean, and can help stop pets sleeping on your furniture and reduces the transfer of pet hair and dirt. Available in four sizes, you are sure to find the right cushion for your pet.

  • Provides all year round comfort and insulation from cold draughts in winter and hot surfaces in summer
  • Cushions your pets bones and joints and softens hard surfaces
  • Machine washable to keep your pets bedding fresh and clean
  • Waterproof base protects your pet from damp surfaces, keeping your pet warm and comfortable
  • Pet beds help to reduce the spread of dirt, pet hair and dander

Medium: 75cm x 45cm