Avione Hand Rearing Formula

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Avione Hand Rearing Formula is a complete formula to help with feeding newborn and baby birds. This highly nutritious formula helps chicks to grow healthy and strong quickly and assists in early and successful weaning. Avione Hand Rearing Formula is easily to use and is perfect for breeders who are hand rearing and looking for a reliable and high-quality feeding mixture to supply to young birds in need of a helping hand and a superior diet. The key features of the Avione Hand Rearing Formula include:

  • Complete formula providing essential nutrition and a balanced diet to baby birds.
  • High in protein, vitamins, and minerals to help boost health and condition.
  • Effective in helping to wean chicks earlier.
  • Aids faster growth and development.
  • Perfect for breeder’s looking for a complete diet feed.
  • Easily mixed with boiling water for stress-free administration.
  • Made in Australia.

The Avione Hand Rearing Formula is available in 500g or 1kg.

Wheat, Maize, Rice, Full Fat Soyabean, Legumes, Soyabean Oil Meal, Di Calcium Phosphate, Dextrose Monohydrate, Vitamins and Minerals.

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