Olssons All Season + Trace Element 15kgs

$30.00 AUD
Size: 15kg

Olsson’s All Season + Trace Element is a supplement designed for all pasture conditions. All Season can be fed to all livestock to satisfy mineral requirements. All Season + Trace Element contains high levels of minerals including copper, cobalt, iodine, zinc and selenium. With a high molasses content this block is palatable, even on coastal areas. When being fed during the dry season, ensure Olsson’s High Sulphur 12% block is available to limit intake and promote a balanced supplementation program.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Feeding Instructions: Use in accordance with the Olsson Indicator System. Sheep/Goats: 20-50g per head per day (1x15kg block per 30 head) Cattle/Horses: 100-180g per head per day (1x15kg block per 15 head) Locate blocks away from watering points to avoid over consumption, and encourage stock to graze out, utilising the available paddock feed. Place out sufficient blocks to avoid overcrowding of stock. Replace immediately when consumed. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Storage Instructions: Store out of direct sunlight and under cover. Edible carton and packaging.