007 Horse Brick 2kg

$13.00 AUD

007 mineral bricks are designed to provide the essential mineral and trace element in supplementary form, giving horses extra vigor, stamina and muscle and bone strength. Field tests have shown that Formula 007 helps brood mares produce sound foals and helps keep stallions in top condition without piling on fat. The balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus in the brick build stronger bones in growing foals, and replenishes these minerals drawn from the mare’s reserves during pregnancy and lactation.

Formula 007 blocks contain:

Salt, molasses, phosphrous, calcium, cobalt, zinc, iodine, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine and sulphur.

Directions for Use:

One 2kg brick should last a single horse about three weeks.

If consumption rate is higher than this at first, it merely indicates a mineral/trace element deficiency in the animal which is greater than normal. The horse will lick for what it needs, then, with its hidden hunger satisfied, daily consumption will settle down.

Olssens Formula 007 mineral blocks are available in 2kg.