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Dry - Raw - Fresh - which is the best?

Posted by Terry Went on

For cats and dogs to achieve the long life and health they deserve, they should eat the food that nature intended them to eat; a diet based on the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition, just as their wild ancestors did. This type of diet is known as a BARF diet ("BARF" is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, as well as a few other interpretations, including “Bones And Raw Food” and “Biologically Appropriate Real Food”).

BARF diet is based on fresh raw foods: raw animal protein (meat, bones and offal), raw vegetables and fruit, raw whole eggs, yoghurt, kelp and healthy fresh herbs.

Doctor B’s BARF is THE original range of BARF pet food expertly developed by Dr. Ian Billinghurst BVSc BScAgr, Veterinarian, Animal Nutritionist, Author and founder of the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition.  

Many pets don’t tolerate modern processed pet food well and their health and wellbeing benefits significantly from a diet change to Doctor B’s BARF, including healthier skin and a shiny coat, more energy, improved doggy (or kitty) breath through healthier teeth and gut as well as a reduced stool volume and odour!

But complimenting a raw and fresh diet together with a good quality premium Australian made dry food can ensure your pet receives all the nutrients and vitamins they need.

Ensuring all feed your give your pet is quality Australian made will always be the best, healthiest and most value for money option.

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